The Contract Manufacturing Alliance (The Contract Packaging Association and the Co-Packing Network) work with a-number of communities with the common goal of helping start-up and emerging consumer brands:

Contract ManufacturingThe Contract Manufacturing Alliance is continuing to add Contract Manufacturers as partners of our programs including becoming members with the Contract Packaging Association and availing its own events in different parts of North America.

* Our Contract Manufacturer Roster is Over 40,000

* www.Co-Packing.orgCPG Technology Groups

The Contract Manufacturing Alliance (especially the Contract Packaging Association) welcome new and existing technology partners that are ideal for contract manufacturers, pilot plants, commercial kitchens, start-up and emerging brands and others in the industry.

Trade AssociationsThe Contract Manufacturing Alliance is adding more and more trade associations (who have some form of association with consumer products).  We are adding both state-based and national trade associations to our roster (to help Consumer Product Companies).

www.ExpoManager.orgState Departments of AgricultureThe Contract Manufacturing Alliance’s founders work with current State Departments of Agriculture (examples include Texas and Utah) as well are talking with others.  We plan on creating programs relating to states such as West Virginia and Illinois.

www.StateProud.comCommercial KitchensThe Contract Manufacturing Alliance created a ‘search by County’ Tool as well is adding more existing commercial kitchens everyday.  We are also helping create new commercial kitchens as well as recruit existing entities to offer their kitchens to clients.

www.CommercialKitchens.orgCPG Incubators & Accelerators

The Contract Manufacturing Alliance currently is involved with consumer product industry incubators and accelerators and continue to add others to their roster.  We all have the same goals of helping start-up and emerging brands.

Pilot PlantsThe Contract Manufacturing Alliance has added a new sub-association model to the Contract Packaging Association’s roster to add in Pilot Plants.  CMA is also working with Pilot Plants nationwide to recruit them to work with start-up and emerging brands.

www.PilotPlants.orgColleges and Universities

The Contract Manufacturing Alliance has a roster of university based food innovation centers it has history with (ex:  UNL, Rutgers, Cornell) as well is creating a complete college and university incubation template to help others with their consumer product programs.

Food Innovation Centers

The Contract Manufacturing Alliance has Food Innovation Centers to its roster of manufacturing types.  We are working with Food Innovation Centers as a resource for their needs working with start-up and emerging brands.

SBDC Offices / OfficesThe Contract Manufacturing Alliance has history working with regional SBDC (Small Business Development Centers) and offices and are creating industry incubation and resources (Ex:  Commercial Kitchens search tool) to help their own clients.Packaging & Ingredient SuppliersThe Contract Manufacturing Alliance is working with packaging and ingredient suppliers nationwide relating to start-up and emerging brands.  CMA created Ingredient Manager ( as part of its work with ingredient suppliers.

www.IngredientManager.comVC and Crowd-Funding Groups

The Contract Manufacturing Alliance has been advising start-up and emerging brands how to work with crowdfunding platforms (ex:  Kickstarter and Indiegogo) as well as funding groups (ex Kickfurther).  We will continue to add funding resources to our rosters.

Customers (Retail, Food Service)

The Contract Manufacturing Alliance’s founders have over 35-years working directly with retail and food service customers (including distributors).  We work with chains and distributors frequently helping introduce new vendors for them to preview.

Farmer’s MarketsThe Contract Manufacturing Alliance has created incubation template for farmer’s markets to help their consumer product vendors as well is expanding its efforts in helping farms create retail stores (produce stands, farm stands and CSA’s).

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